Qualities of a dream home

+Close to nature, preferably hilly or oceany nature.
+Privacy: can comfortably walk naked in house and in at least part of the yard.
+A good kitchen—the ideal to shoot for is our Friendship St kitchen. We’ll replicate it if we ever build our own home.
+Space to garden. At least a third-acre lot (like we have on Friendship St) but preferably a full acre or two.
+Chickens must be legal, and the yard, as above, should have space for them.
+Bikeable: not too many miles (maybe 4 max, but preferably 2) from the nearest natural foods store/public library—roads with shoulders—and not 2 miles straight up or down a mountain.
+Situated in a climate where we can comfortably be outside for at least 3/4 of the year, preferably more.
+Walking distance from some sort of unmanicured green space.
+In a town with an excellent public library.

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